193 Cups of Tea

The first hit

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This weekend I finally made my first inroads into the project. Quite by chance I met a chap from Venezuela whilst doing my motorcycle test. Sergio was learning to ride scooters like me and it suddenly hit me (as I was failing to look even remotely cool on my little Honda) that maybe he would be a perfect place to start this adventure. So we swapped emails and I  plan to be in touch once this site is looking vaguely presentable.

Things are starting to come together. Let’s celebrate with a picture of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in sombrero:

And the project begins

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The awkward first post in a blog, the one you bung up in a desperate attempt to get WordPress to stop showing that damn default post. This project is a work in progress (hence the minimalist design of this blog) and as such the first few posts will be as much to get the thing working as to set the scene.

For now, have a look at the About page for more information about the project.



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